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Born on 19 January
Lives in The Spaceship Earth
Speaks English, Türkçe, Español, Português, Français
Studied BSc Economics at University of Southampton (2003 - 2006)
Studied MfA Design at Hacettepe University (2008 - 2009)
Founder of The Thinking Blog (2006) and LabMob (2011)


User Experience (UX) Development

“Design is all about feeling in control. Includes: usability, understanding, but also the feel.” — Don Norman

Simplified Chart of the Design Process

This list is not complete due to Non-disclosure Agreements (NDA). Here are some of what I've done up until now:

2014 - Mobile MMO Game NTROY: Research, Design, Marketing.

2013 - Free to Play Online Games GameTURK: Research, Design, Marketing.

2012 - Massively Multiplayer Online Game Araf Online: Research, Design, Marketing.
2012 - MMO Browser Strategy Game Ministry of War: Research, Design, Marketing.
2012 - Free Online Game Peak Plus Peak Games: Branding, Design, Analytics.

2011 - Mobile Labs LabMob: Research, Branding, Design, Development, Marketing, Analytics.
2010 - Generator JotForm: Research, Branding, Design, Marketing.
2010 - Coupon Punchh: Research, Design, Marketing.

2009 - Arbitrator Disputes Loop: Research, Branding, Design.
2009 - House Home Seller Software: Research, Branding, Design.
2009 - Living More Minimal : Research, Branding, Design.
2009 - Garage Liberty County Resale: Research, Branding, Design.
2009 - Nurse CareHunter: Research, Branding, Design.
2009 - Prestige Books Halil Onal: Development.
2009 - Prep Tutors Place: Research, Branding, Design.
2009 - PR Pamil Visions: Research, Design, Development.
2009 - Property Plugs and Wants: Research, Branding, Design.
2009 - Speakers GuestXpress: Research, Design.
2009 - Multimedia Media Club Unlimited: Research, Branding, Design.
2009 - Win TCDD: Research, Design.
2009 - Rugs Mutlu Kilim: Research, Branding, Design, Development, Marketing.
2009 - Agency Media Casting Group: Research, Branding, Design.
2009 - Software Christian Ministry Connection: Research, Branding, Design.
2009 - Health Ministry of Health: Research, Design.
2009 - Clothing Spazzin Fashion: Research, Branding, Design.
2009 - Reward Caribbean E-Research: Research, Design.
2009 - Software Kapidag Yazilim: Research, Branding, Design.

2008 - Medical GoTo My Meds: Research, Branding, Design.
2008 - listing Dog Searcher: Research, Branding, Design.
2008 - Online Search for Blogging: Research, Branding, Design.
2008 - split OK Families: Research, Branding, Design.
2008 - Platform MemberKit: Research, Branding, Design, Marketing.
2008 - Actors Actorokee: Research, Design.
2008 - black The Heart of Soul: Research, Branding, Design.
2008 - Crime Second Class Citizen: Research, Branding, Design.
2008 - Bridal Fazilet Dai: Research, Branding, Design, Development.
2008 - Comments SezWho: Research, Branding, Design, Development.
2008 - Group Bloghology: Research, Branding, Design, Marketing.
2008 - Ginkgo Ginko: Research, Branding, Design.
2008 - Summit Liderler ve Markalar: Research, Branding, Design.
2008 - Radio Spire: Research, Branding, Design.
2008 - Ticket Tickit: Research, Branding, Design.
2008 - King Doguelli NetworKing: Research, Branding, Design.
2008 - Chat Socialwine: Research, Branding, Design.
2008 - Azul Tormenta Blue: Research, Branding, Design.
2008 - Career LIVKA: Research, Branding, Design.
2008 - Control MedWeight: Research, Branding, Design.

2007 - Group GROU.PS: Research, Branding, Design, Marketing.
2007 - Blogger John Chow: Research, Design, Marketing.
2007 - Green FreshBlogger: Research, Branding, Design, Develop, Marketing.
2007 - Technical Technacular: Design, Marketing.
2007 - Dollar Blog About Money Online: Research, Branding, Design.
2007 - Supermodel Ladybrille Media Group: Design.
2007 - Strange Machine Mephala's Loft: Design, Marketing.
2007 - TutorialGoogle Tutor: Design.
2007 - Tech News Speeding Computer: Research, Branding, Design.
2007 - Cog BLG Engineering: Research, Branding, Design.
2007 - Social Peopleized: Research, Branding, Design, Marketing.

2006 - Graphic Design v1: Started providing services with my name.
2006 - Articles The Thinking Blog: Content, Branding, Design, Marketing, Analytics.
2003 - Music DJ Cle' K. (Flash): Research, Branding, Design, Development, Marketing.
2003 - Label Electrik Bass Entertainment: Research, Branding, Design, Development.
2003 - Pearls and Shells Scratch A Gift: Research, Design, Development, Marketing, Analytics.
2003 - Exhibit New Generation Art (Flash): Research, Design, Development, Marketing.
2002 - Design ArtXp: Continued providing services under this brand.
2001 - Tek Renkli Portal Morport: Research, Content, Branding, Design, Development, Marketing.
2001 - MT Mor Tasarim: Continued providing services under this brand.
1998 - Corporate Xote Software: Started providing services under this brand.

1995 - Started with Changing the World! Made freelance designs to family and friends.


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